One of these days, Alice, to the Moon.

Ardha chandrasana (half moon) is my favorite pose because it invites me to be totally present in a multitude of vibrations. Using the Universal Principles of Alignment in Anusara™ yoga, you can strike the cord of balance and ease, strength and freedom all at the same time. Begin from a lunge position, right foot forward. Then,

  • Open to Grace by turning to the breath. Experience a softening within from aligning your heart’s intention with your body and spirit.
  • Step forward from lunge and lift the back leg. Bring steadiness to the pose by toning the muscles of the legs and arms. Feel an energetic rise from the feet to the pelvis and the hands to the heart.
  • From that strength, the inner thighs move back and apart from each other. This creates an expansive quality in the pelvis and low back.
  • From that expansion, root your tailbone downward from the focal point in the pelvis to the legs and feet.
  • From the steady rooting downward, allow the inner body to expand out from the pelvis like moonbeams to the feet and from the pelvis through the crown of the head.
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