From where I live, looking out the windows of my soul, life is perfect even in the inconsistencies life offers. Every day unfolds a joy-driven path meant to enrich, empower and nurture not only ourselves, but also those around us. Bulbs planted last fall with steady awareness begin to delicately peek out as the warming days of spring overtake the chill of winter’s leaving. It quickens my pulse to see the ground thawing and revealing its richness to nourish colorful spring blooms (and a thawing compost is a delight – I can’t wait to spread that fertile loam).

Tanya’s wellspring bubbles and overflows with opportunity as she opens her acupuncture and personal training studio this month as well as continuing to support her growing pizzeria business. So she can turn her attention there, I have come together in this issue with new friends – health professionals who love the transformative work of acupuncture, nutrition and exercise.

We’ll give you information that will align your body and heart as you emerge from the quiet darkness of winter months to embrace the changes of spring. Get ready to meet colorful foods, healing yoga poses, and acupuncture techniques that awaken your body to brightness while reducing the inflammation a damp spring can bring.

We hope you enjoy and appreciate your feedback!

In Health and Light,

Spring into green
Eat Right with Color

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