Acupuncture and Spring

Kim Fong, MSAc, MAPT
Guest post from Kim Fong, MSAc, MAPT,

We welcome this time of awakening as spring emerges into longer and sunnier days. These bright days that now extend later into the evening are times for renewal Welcome out from hibernation and look for ways to stimulate the body and mind.


Not only do we consume and digest our food for nourishment, we eliminate what isn’t needed to detoxify and rid of old sludge that filled within us in the wintry months. The warmer days invite us to initiate more mindful awareness as a process of letting go of old thoughts and emotions to prepare for clearer perceptions. Spring is the ideal time to cleanse and rejuvenate our mind and body!

In Chinese Medicine, springtime relates to the Liver and Gallbladder organ systems and it is in the element of Wood. Think of the new sprouts forming from buds and trees, flowers blooming and all the creative juices that are brewing in us as we activate our minds and senses. According to Chinese Medicine theories, it is the Liver that ensures the smooth flow of Qi (vital substance), Blood, Fluids and Emotions that course through our body nourishing every living cell within us. The Liver helps prevent energy stagnation.

Acupuncture can help protect Liver function by enhancing its detoxification capabilities. A simple way to enliven the Liver system is with more movement. Even a simple stretch as you would observe with a cat or a baby awakening from her nap. Oh, this feels so good and you can build up by adding some Qi Gong (Chinese for “Energy Work”) to guide your images to move Qi through your body to open Liver Qi to prepare for overall wellness.

When Liver Qi gets stagnated or congested due to emotional upsets, one may suffer from migraine/temporal headaches, outbursts of anger, feelings of helplessness or frustration, frequent sighing, floaters, red eyes and face at night, and intercostal pain. In our fast-paced world, Liver Qi stagnation is a very common diagnosis.We often fall victim to finding not enough time, poor diets, and high stress, and our health suffers.

Follow a simple Qi Gong exercise to detoxify the Liver and improve your mood. Start with the sound of the Liver according to Chinese Medicine. This is the sound of “shu.” Bend your elbows and place your hands right under your rib cage. Take a nice deep breath through your nose and exhale with the shu” sound with your lips. As you exhale, gently press into the liver area under your right rib cage. Repeat this exercise 5-10 times.

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