In the AARP magazine (yes, I’m eligible and accept it quite graciously), new words of 2010 were added to the dictionary.  One of them is matchy-matchy.  It means excessively color-coordinated.

Now, at the end of my yoga teacher training in 2003, I, along with my best friend, Linda, were voted ‘Best Dressed in Yoga Teacher Training.’  I have to say, I was embarrassed.  You see, best dressed wasn’t my goal – matching yoga pants, tops and earrings WERE!

In Belize last January, at the Om Business Bootcamp, the same thing – verbal gushing of delight resounded left and right over my color selection and coordination. Folks even went home and ordered yoga pants in multiple colors!

I pondered, “Are the yogis right?”  “Am I really more concerned with how I LOOK at a yoga class than how I feel?”There’s much buzz these days with high fashion yoga gear. Catalogs flood my mailbox with designs and accessories for hot yoga, acro yoga, and sitting meditation that with a quick toss of another layer, you’re ready for the night life.

There’s nothing wrong with all that.

If we realize that isn’t yoga.

Seeing the good in all, everyone, everything, in every moment no matter how small – that’s yoga.  Seeing the good in yourself, finding the deeply embedded inner beauty in your heart, and reflecting that to others, living from that place of intrinsic goodness every day, that’s yoga.  If you want to match while doing that, so be it.

I happen to like being matchy-matchy.

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