90% of Americans eat a healthy diet

At 12 years old, I began the pursuit of a lifetime and shed unwanted adolescent chubbiness. At 26, I was one of those 90% who ate a healthy diet.  My breakfast was fried bologna and egg, American cheese and 2 slices of whole wheat toast to sammich it together, but first, smeared with margarine.  Lunch was another sammich and supper was canned vegetables, chicken and rice or pasta.  Sometimes I ate out.  I was geared toward healthy living.


Survey says…….90% of Americans say they eat a healthy diet, even though few of them actually did. I was surprised to read this percentage in Diabetes Forecast, April 2011 but not taken aback over the second part of that sentence.

Why is that?

Ignorance is too strong.  Lack of useful information is more like it.  While I thought my intake was useful to creating health in my body, in truth, I was teetering on the edge of high cholesterol.  I switched to a vegetarian diet shortly after my daughter was born and my cholesterol rose 30 points!  Yikes!  Even a consult with a dietitian didn’t shed light on what was going on.

Sleuth suit on, I read up on cholesterol and found out the cheese I used in nightly casseroles instead of meat was killing me. Cookbook in hand, I switched to beans and paired them with brown rice and loads of veggies.  Oatmeal, protein powder and flaxseed oil for my morning meal.  Cholesterol goes down, all is well.

So bottom line?  We all ‘know’ what we should eat but do we really?  If you’re not up to the lengthy pursuit that I took off on, let’s work together.  I’ll do the detective work for you from information you provide.  As your dietitian, unlike the one I used, I partner with you to uncover unhealthy patterns of eating or food choices that do not support your health. Together, we plan your future of health.

Salad Bowl

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