Salad Bowl

Traveling in Dallas takes me back to my Little Rock homestead days.  I became vegetarian during my 13 years there and shopped in bulk at the small local health food store.  Eating out was a challenge.  And it’s especially so when traveling.

Salad bars in many Southern establishments typically showcase iceberg lettuce and tomatoes picked green and ripened enroute amid 9 selections of shredded cheese, potato and pasta salads, and of course, Ranch dressing, oh, and Thousand Island, too.

Where is the mesclun mix and lemon thyme vinaigrette and pine nuts and tofu?

At the Salad Bowl at the Galleria Mall!  Build your own or pick from 10 or so preselections. Mine is on the left – Southwest Chipotle combined with build my own.  I swapped the chicken for sesame tofu and chose a mango pineapple vinaigrette.  Hmmmmm, bites of corn, red pepper and black beans bathed in cilantro and mandarin oranges and drizzled with sunflower seeds.

What fun to find such fresh deliciousness in Dallas.  I wish there was a Salad Bowl in Boston!!

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