Take off your blindfolds and open your eyes

Many of us unconsciously walk around with blindfolds covering our eyes. Our awareness is muted from the constant stimulation all around us.  iPods, iPhones, sirens blasting at 122 decibels (above the pain threshold), car horns honking, computer screens, Kindles, ah, the list just keeps on going.  An acupuncturist friend told me one of her clients asked for her cell phone just so she could see if anyone e-mailed her.  Cell phones go off in yoga all the time.

Thursday night, one of my yoga students, Jessica, shared with me the word “chatoyant.”  She used it to express such delight to the themes of luminosity I often use in yoga class.  I looked it up when I got home. It means “optical reflectance,” like the shimmer or shine of a gemstone.  When I looked further, I found that this opulence is because of the imperfections in the stone, like a tiger eye.  It’s because of the impurity of the fibers and particles in the stone that cause the shimmering glean.

I often speak of the beauty within each one of us and all of my teachings are meant to guide you to a place where you can see your own beauty first so you can then see it in others.  In this way, we find connection.  Connection means same to me.

We met new friends recently and instantly connected to them in so many ways even though there were a few underlying qualities they had that we didn’t connect with.  Ultimately, however, the connection was radiant and strong.  I view that connection much like opulent, chatoyant gems threaded onto the strand of Source – it was the sameness in us that caught our awareness.

Each luminous pearl on a necklace is a reflection of us. What connects us together is the ability to see the chatoyant quality – that ability is given to us by divine Grace.

In Anusara, the first principle to all of life is Open to Grace.  In this way, we seat ourselves in the same energetic space in which to receive the gift of opening to see the chatoyant quality in all. Regardless of seeming imperfections, because we are all connected through Grace, we can look past the fibers in the tapestry of others that might be a little out of line with the whole.  With awareness, optical reflectance brings more beauty into our world.

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