I can see clearly now

The 6th chakra, Ajna, is our 3rd eye, our seer who bears witness to all of our actions and experiences without judgment.  By embarking on meditations to enhance the intuitive powers of this chakra, we realize the long-lasting benefits:

  • Separates illusion from truth
  • Allows our self to be detached from the idea of permanence in life
  • Addresses our unwillingness to look within and excavate our fears
  • Removes the veils and cloaks that cloud our awareness
  • Reveals the truth of what we really need at this moment
  • Challenges us to face the truth that some of our behaviors no longer serve us
  • Let’s us lean more heavily into our own sound, realistic judgment based on our own need instead of external counsel
  • Depends upon discipline
  • Forces us to look at our shadow side (fear, disappointment, anger) and its attributes.
  • Let’s us look for what is good about the amazing sequences of our experiences and that takes us to the realm of being-ness.

Get into that space, then respond accordingly.

So it’s not reaction, reaction, reaction.

It’s responding by showing up to your life with full commitment to be a ready participant.

By recognizing the spiritual suffuses everything

Through careful attention, we attune ourselves with our role as part of the creator.

The teachings encourage us to set apart time each day for this recognition of an omnipresent force that directs us during the course of our lives.

It’s a dialogue within to develop your own spirituality and quality of action.

Where will you go from here?

How’s your relationship with food?
Spicy Grilled Tofu

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