Mindful meal

Last night, in week 7 of our 7-week series called Yoga for Mindful Eating, we shared intimately of ourselves.  We shared in summary, in conclusion of the preparatory part of our journey.

Last night was just the beginning.  Last night was just the beginning of the continuation of the unfolding of desire (iccha) for a healthy relationship to food, married to the knowledge (jnana) of the structure, the containment of Grace within, to the outpouring of love and beauty to the world (kriya, action).  Last night we began.

This morning, as we rub the sleep from our eyes and groggily reach for coffee as we always do, something is different.  ‘Oh, that’s right,’ we think.  Today is the first day of the next part of the mindful eating journey!  Eyes close, we embrace the aroma of java, taste the sweetness of the sugar, feel the creaminess of the cream in our mouth.  Ah, so good.  Beginner’s mind.  Mindful awareness.  Just this moment.  No judgment.

Join me for a tasting of the series at a mindful eating dinner and seminar.  This seminar is nearly at full capacity.   The next 7-week series begins April 5th in Wellesley.

Namaste to all!

Visualize healthier eating
No legs, no arms, no worries

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