Visualize healthier eating

It’s a no-brainer that simply wanting to make a change to our diet doesn’t work.  Even others, like our doctor or a family member, telling us to change doesn’t work.  So what is the way to make change stick?

Make a plan.

What’s new about that is study results showing when 177 students set a goal (made a plan), wrote it down, and then visualized when, where and how they would buy, prepare and eat fruit, they did it.  They ate more fruit!  In fact, they ate twice the fruit of a group who simply set out to eat more but didn’t have a plan.

Athletes use this technique all the time to increase their performance.  Yoga students use visualization in meditation for healing and stress reduction.  So why not to make healthier choices in our food selection?

Grab your note pad and pen, write down your plan, then get the vision going.  Tell me how you do. I’d love to share good results with others.

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Mindful meal

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