Is your glass half empty or half full?

You’ve all heard about this idea of positive thinking, right?  Optimism vs pessimism.

We’re all here with different ideas about the glass half full theory.  We’re all here with different stories and lives and levels of full and empty.

We all fall on different parts of this spectrum.

Sometimes it’s hard to even think about being positive.

But one thing we share in common is that we are all loved by something so much bigger, so much more positive than even the grandest half full person.  It’s the Divine.  And that’s what makes it OK to be half empty, or to be half full, just to accept ourselves where we are and move on from there.

One of the attributes of the Divine is svantantrya – it’s a big Sanskrit word that means:

  • Unlimited
  • Unbounded
  • Freedom
  • All-embracing love

So think of it this way.  Close your eyes and imagine your physical body sitting in front of you.  Assign a glass half empty or glass half full idea to yourself, whatever it is that you usually feel.  Imagine that fill line in the vision of your seated body.  Turn to the breath and watch that fill line move up and down with the breath, like a tide ebbing and flowing.  Now, know that you are unlimited in your potential.  Just know it.  You have no edges to your body, no boundaries, the water can fill to the very top and overflow, or it can seep out through your skin from the fullness within.

Please bring your hands before your heart in this seat of fullness and know that even when you don’t feel full and overflowing with an inner love, you are.  So it’s OK to be where you are in this seat because this love is always with you.

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