In love with carbs

Like carbs? Then this diet is for you. (Click link to video.)

Your brain craves sugar, your body longs to be fit and healthy, and your heart desires fullness.  How do you satisfy all these parts of you?  Carbs!

Carbohydrate is the number one fuel source for your brain and body – if you don’t eat enough grains, vegetables, fruits and starches, you’ll be cranky and irritable and have no energy.  And, you’ll gain weight.

That is, without good grains and veggies, your carb selection could be junk food carbs like cakes, cookies, chips and candied popcorn. More than likely, the plate holds a lot of protein and fat.  A dough-like body and unhappy heart are sure to follow.

Choosing healthy carbs, like whole grain pastas, whole oats, dark breads, cold potatoes, potato chips, barley, beans, peas and legumes, popcorn, pitas, brown rice, corn flakes and the number one resistant starch, a slightly green banana, you’ll be fit and full throughout.

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