Self-Compassion Diet

As a traveler on the weight loss path, Jean Fain honestly speaks from the heart. Reading The Self-Compassion Diet is like having a friendly and loving conversation in your living room with a dear friend who happens to be a health psychotherapist.  And boy, do I feel relieved and motivated!

Restrictive diets, name-calling, placing blame, harsh judgment, these punitive measures are how most of us end up on a weight loss plan.  We’re our own worst enemy.  Yes, there can be a downward trend on the scale with these harsh tactics, but until the light bulb brightens so we can see that loving kindness and self-compassion are the key to weight loss, we’ll keep trudging on that endless treadmill.   But yikes, love myself?

Breathe a sigh of relief as you read the multiple pathways on the course of self-compassion Jean offers. She makes it easy to want to love your self. Finally, choices that all lead to the same end – I can dive in and read the whole book and do all of the meditations and practices. I can pick and choose between multiple approaches of journaling, meditation, and visualization.  I can spend 15 minutes or an hour.  I can journal – or not.  No time to read?  Listen to the CD.  At the end of the trail, you stumble upon loving kindness that leads to change that encourages mindful eating ending up with weight loss.

Jean created quizzes that are mini-assessments based on science.  They’re simple.  In seconds, all doubts are erased – you’ll find out if you’re even capable of being hypnotized.  Are you a compassionate and mindful eater?  Do you have the social support you need to be successful?  You’ll find out in no time.

And No Stupid Questions, Finding Thinspiration, and Think Self-Kind Thoughts side bars shatter myths, offer quick time journaling moments that uncover your authentic voice, and encourage bravery.  My favorite is called ‘Dress for Success.’ We live in our ‘fat’ clothes, baggy, unflattering outfits, far too long. We doubt our ability to keep the weight off.  We don’t believe hard enough.  Jean knows that buying new clothes and feeling good inhibits weight gain and boosts self-confidence. We keep eating healthy choices.

Self-compassion is transformative. With Jean as your guide, cultivate some today.  It will change your life for good.

The book is available for purchase everywhere and online at Amazon.

Serve others, heal yourself
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