90% healthy habit – 10% sheer indulgence

I spent last week in Belize and I have to say, not only is it a beautiful and refreshing country, the food was to die for.  Three squares a day of fare bursting with savory goodness and life enhancing nutrition.  Doing two yoga classes a day and at the least a 2-hour hike was indeed a strong balance of eating well and moving.  I felt great.  Now, hmmmmm, how can I keep this up now that I’m home? There is snow on the ground and work calls…….

Even though I’ve made a wintery habit of walking outdoors most every day of the week, adding (base) layer after (top) layer in winter freeze, I have to confess, sometimes yoga finds a soft and snoozy place to hide.  On other days, yoga is King of the Hill and walking goes by the wayside.

Groupons and BuyWithMe offer cheap incentives to eat at sassy eateries so the produce in the fridge must wait another day. Then, there’s Dominoes & Dinner, a frequent and friendly fav get-together that usually has a pizza or two and a couple of glasses of wine.

To keep healthy through the snowy days, my motto is eat food, not too much, and mostly plants (stolen from Michael Pollan, could you tell?).  Move your body every day in some way.  If you do this 90% of the day or week or month, you have 10% play to eat the succulent, decadent, and oh-my-goodness good foods that were made simply for the joy of it.  Of course, you can bend this a bit to 80/20 on special occasions!

Main Dish Salad
Snow White or Snow Blues?

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