Beans are Fat Fighters

I know, I know, beans appear in my blog a lot.  I’m in love with them. Versatile, tasty, protein-packed and full of soluble fiber, eating beans means you stay full longer (hence you eat less food and less often) AND cholesterol levels are lowered AND blood sugar levels remain on an even keel (hence you don’t reach for more sweet and sugary foods when your blood sugar crashes).  And, you can add them to anything – salads, stews, soups, appetizers (hummus or black bean dip) or serve up as a main dish.  You can’t beat all that in one package!

Sometimes, though, beans being so exciting and as much as you want to add beans to your diet, you just can’t think of how.

Learn more with this handy power point presentation from the Bean Institute – once on the site, click on Beans 101.

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