New Year’s Resolutions Bite

This year I promise to:

1.  Lose 6 pounds.

2. Eat less Soy Delicious.

3. Walk 45-minutes every day.

4. Do yoga for one hour every day.

5. Never eat Velveeta again.

Does this sound familiar?  Why do New Year’s resolutions always sound so negative and appear to correct something bad about us?  Like, aren’t we OK just like we are?

At our essence, we are the same.  For instance, watching home videos with my 20-something daughter recently, she reflected a realization that now she knows why she is like she is. She was just like that at 4 years old!  And I am the same fun-loving, entertaining host from 20 years ago, except now I have more fun with it (because I let go of a pre-ordained societal definition of perfection).

Yes, our essence is the same and yet we are capable of evolving and changing and growing and expanding around our stable and consistent center.  So, celebrate the new year with the remembrance of your inner brightness.  Celebrate just what a great person you really are, bubbling with goodness and beauty. Then, if you want better health or a slimmer waistline or slower heart rate, set a reasonable goal, make a plan, and let it happen.

When we resolve to make changes to our body, health, or lifestyle, it comes much more easily when we do it with metta (loving kindness) than as a punitive act.

If you hate the idea of going this alone, let’s do it together.

For my friend’s, Daniel Max, take on resolutions, click his title.

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