Reflection of Gratitude

My habit when my newest Yoga Journal arrives is to begin at page 1 and devour it throughout.  Many yogi’s have issues with this mag but I really do enjoy seeing the diversity among yoga practitioners and of philosophical views.  I especially light up reading about things I don’t do on a regular basis, like kirtan and mantra repetition (I downloaded a featured playlist once and was introduced to Lady Gaga for the first time!).  It’s invigorating to me to read the excitement and devotion written between the lines.

Interestingly, it was an ad that caught my eye and became fodder for my weekly theme.  Not only was the message sound and useful, it enhanced the use of social media – so from a marketing perspective, they are spot on.  Nonetheless, visions of dollar signs quietly tucked away for the time being, I read their message:

# practice – reflection

Is a mat just a mat?  Or is it more?  An island distant from daily noise.  A companion that loves without condition.  A mirror that reflects back our life and invites us to shift, stretch and fly.  We can experience reflection every time we step onto our mats.  And we can experience infinite possibility every time we step off.  How is your practice a reflection of your life?

In my own Anusara training, recognition that the mat reflects our truest nature, intrinsic goodness, is paramount.  Stepping onto the mat, magic happens.  The walls and towers we’ve created around our being begin to crumble, allowing the softness of our essence to emerge.  Emotions we conveniently tucked away in the ago begin to rise and ask permission to be felt, experienced, learned from.  The flower of our heart unfolds, petal by petal, until fully opened, fragrant and free. 

As my teacher Marc has said, we hold tightly to our intention to be a channel for Grace, we continue to offer thanks on this day after Thanksgiving for our intention rings true with every word and action.  From the mat, the teachings make an impression on both our mind and soul and our alignment on the mat affirms we are connected to Grace.

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