You know that celebratory after-effect of the Thanksgiving Holidaze – eyes bulging and bleary, belly full to bursting (you’ve moved your belt out a couple of notches, unbottoned the waistline, maybe even unzipped your jeans) and still you reach for dessert.  Then, the feelings of remorse set in when you step on the scales and see that dreaded increase.  Ah, you just have to love the gluttonous day. 

I hear your protests!  “But, I only get sweet potato casserole with marshmallows once a year,” and “Aunt Sally gets her feelings hurt if I don’t eat a slice of her famous pecan pie,” or “It’s just one day of the year, what’s a couple of servings of sausage stuffing?”  Our insatiable emotional appetites really kick in on this day.

What if this year was different?  How would it feel to have a sampling of all the delicious delectables spread forth before you?  What comments would you make the next day when you awaken feeling lighter than ever before and NOT deprived?  Think it impossible?  It’s totally doable.  Here’s how.

First, approach the celebration sans ravenous hunger.  You know what I mean – you fasted through breakfast and lunch in anticipation of this feast.  Hence, you eat a lot of everything you see. Go back to paragraph 1 above.  Holidaze.  Eat your usual morning and midday meals, maybe more veggies and fruit than usual, so you are pleasantly eager to dive into the feast, understandably hungry but not starving.

Secondly, take a sampling of the foods you truly love and would gravely miss if you didn’t taste them this year, even dessert.  Fill half your plate with roasted carrots or Brussels’ sprouts, you know, those vegetable dishes.

Third, strengthen your triceps by pushing away from the table – go chat with Gramps or check in with the kids playing tag outside.

Fourth, play tag outside.  Or walk the dog – or your neighbor – or Gramps!  Then bump up your activity the rest of the long week-end. 

Fewer calories in, more calories out, your scale will be proud of you.

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