Weights or Cardio?

Have you stalled on weight loss?  For months, you’ve been eating right, working out like crazy, and now, all of a sudden, no more weight loss?  And, the weight loss you’ve achieved has left you feeling squishy, not lean. 

Consider the not-so-obvious…your choice of physical activity.  Many of us, and most women, think that to lose weight, we need to up the cardio.  We raise our heart rate to above 80% day in, day out, 30-60 minutes a day, sweating like crazy, right?  Number One:  Sweat doesn’t equal weight loss.  Number Two:  Burning fat requires muscle.  Muscle needs fat, as well as sugar, to work.  So…….build muscle, up your metabolism!  How?

Get off that elliptical, stop pounding the treadmill, pass on kicking air and jumping off steps, and get thee to the weight room.  If lifting weights or doing circuit training seems boring, join a Body Pump or Sculpt class at your gym, hire a personal trainer either one-on-one or the more exciting versions now in vogue called small group personal training.  Or drop and give me 20.  Use your own body weight for push-ups, squats, lunges, crab walks – either way, you’re pushing, squat and lunging weight, no need for dumbbells.

NOW you’re burning some fuel!

Get your game on!
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