Desire & knowledge = Action

Did you see the movie Precious? It has a powerful theme. While it’s incredibly hard to watch, very much so, I sat through it because I recognized something in Precious that I know we all possess but sometimes fail to recognize – resolve.

Her life was layered in complexity after complexity and coated with hatred and suffering. In the beginning, she felt powerless. As she grew older, the Light inside began to grow brighter and she felt the strong desire of the Light pull her into change. Yet desire often just isn’t enough. We have to put ourselves into the pathway of learning, to gain knowledge that will yield resources to allow us to put that knowledge into action so we can rise above the heaviness. Then, we’re connected to Source in an open and receiving way that alleviates our pain and suffering, and we grow stronger in joy. We see there is another way.

Many of us carry negative images – of our bodies, self-worth, the future. These are influenced within every cell of us and often are manifest, sometimes powerfully. Precious showed us that negative self-thoughts created more pain and that resolve begins to build with development of positive internal pictures – she daydreamed of her own beauty, attractiveness, powerful self-worth.

Using our intuition and insight, we better perceive and command positive changes in our lives. When we perceive, we see or recognize a pattern. When we command, we hold a picture in mind as a guiding template for manifestation. We create clarity versus illusion. We recognize our innate beauty and intrinsic goodness through clarity.

Our yoga practice affords us the chance to use our intuition and insight. We ‘see’ the outcome in our mind’s eye, then we find the place on the map within ourselves, we have an ‘aha’ moment – this lets us begin to find our way. It’s a liberating experience.

Happiness begins with veggies!
Get your game on!

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