Hop on Board to Beat Obesity

Living in Boston riding the world’s oldest underground transit system, called the MBTA, and when visiting Atlanta, I ride the MARTA, in New York City, the MTA, and Chicago’s CTA, I’m thrilled to hear of another public transit in Charlotte NC!  It’s apparent in cities with public transit systems that the obesity rates are lower. That’s curious!

In Charlotte, researchers studied residents of the city before and after it completed the CATS system.  Once the system was up and running, risk for obesity was reduced by 81% for the average rider.  And, after 18 months, they lost an average of 6.5 lbs, significantly reducing their body mass index. 

Why would riding a train lead to weight loss?  It was the walking to the transit stops from home and work that gave these residents a leg up on health!   Getting into a car in the garage and parking in a nearby lot at work don’t give us lots of leg time on the pavement. So let’s hop on board the train……

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