Honoring Truthfulness (Satya)

Dear friends recently bought a house – one that is taking more time, energy, money and commitment than they bargained for and they are tired, irritable, their bodies hurt, they are bordering on getting sick, they aren’t eating, are losing weight and have upset tummies.  They don’t even want to live in this house anymore.  In the few days I’ve spent with them, I’ve been in a space of intense emotion.  And, there’s nothing I can do to alleviate their pain.   

Thinking of how I could, though, I keep coming back to the yama satya – it means truthfulness.  Sometimes, we make decisions based on pure emotion. Other times, decisions are based on fact and need, careful research and generous selection, and what we believe to be true, but then with stress in either emotional or carefully thought out decisions, doubt and fear can emerge.  We feel out of control. We question our own validity.

For me, I come back to satya and honest inquiry, face my decision and the unfolding consequences.  We can delve into any aspect of our lives this way – perhaps we made a poor decision.  Maybe that job, friendship, love relationship wasn’t right for us – but at one time we thought it was.  Being honest with ourselves can uncover that and we make amends, right the situation as best as we can, and move on, maybe with a few losses but we changed the story to be more aligned with our own higher good, be empowered in our truth.

But what if it’s the right decision and there are just bumps and curve balls along the way?  With truthfulness and honest inquiry, we can realize who we are, what we really need and what has to happen to allow us to be in the uncomfortable space – the temporary space of feeling disconnected, out of control, our lives ruined.  Even coming into this world, we experienced the tightness of contraction, a dark entry. But it was the right thing, entering into this life with the gift of ananda, bliss and joy that is our birthright.

How can we more fully infuse ourselves to our own truth so that we experience a receptive, open space, allowing the unknown to unfold?  Slow down, rest, eat, take care of yourself, and be in the present unfolding. Remembering the joy.  Remember the good.  When in the space of transitions that feel challenging, uncomfortable, and sometimes painful, standing in our own truth can truly set us free.

Whether the decision is right or not right, seeking, uncovering and embracing the truth within is freeing.  This is how we find our power, power to be and the power to be content.

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