Blissed Out Over Vermont Organics


[picappgallerysingle id=”7726996″]Close your eyes.  Imagine a country-side French Provencal home painted yellow and white, filled with antique furniture enveloped in blues and yellows from walls to wall hangings to dishes and dish towels. In the kitchen, an industrial stove and oven, soapstone counter and sink, and a bucket for kitchen waste.

Now, open the French door and enter the patio of potted succulents, flowering shrubs and a fireplace, fire pit and pizza oven that fronts an expansive lawn bordered with dalias, peach trees, and zinnias. Oh, did I forget to mention that a running brook babbles just a few feet off the patio and that if you keep walking, you’re surrounded by no less than 15 varieties of organic lettuces, red and yellow beets, white and orange carrots, tomatoes, blueberries, blackberries, ripe peaches, chard, okra, chile, jalapeno and hablano peppers?

Our friends in Vermont have created an oasis, a bit of heaven on earth, and use only natural elements, even devising a watering system using a pump to quench the thirst of the garden with river water.

Imagine walking out every morning to pick blueberries and peaches for your oatmeal. Every evening, another stroll with strainer and scissors to cut fresh lettuce for salad, beets and carrots for boiling (and even a beet to grate raw right onto the salad), and a pepper to add a bit of heat to the meal.

The only addition I would make were I to be blessed with nirvana such as this is a few chickens.  Not only would they keep pests away, they bless us with fertilizer for the compost pile and freshly laid eggs.  Who could ask for more?

Another couple of days here, then home from a peace-filled vacation.  What memories I bring back!

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