Wake-Up Call


Yawn, stretch, roll out of bed, and make headway into breakfast, right?  Wrong!  If you dread eating first thing in the morning, don’t.  Breaksfast isn’t an antedote for morning breath – it simply means breaking the fast you’ve been on since supper time.  It means having your first meal of the day within 2-3 hours of awakening.

Breakfast fare can be fun and creative if we get out of the boxed cereal or toast rut.  Nothing wrong with boxed cereal (if it has less than 10 g sugar and more than 5 g fiber) or toast (yawn!), but it can get BORING.

Elvis is in the room with a whole wheat bagel smeared with natural peanut butter, sliced bananas and a drizzle of maple syrup (for those too young to remember Elvis, his fav a.m. delight was a PB&B sandwich).

Museli is another great and easy entry – simply cover a serving of this grain and dried fruit mixture with soy or low-fat milk, let it soak a few minutes, and enjoy a cool start on a steamy day.  In the crisp days of fall, muesli is delicious cooked.

My fav is a bowl layered with 2 softly fried eggs, 1/2 cup pinto beans, 1/4 c. shredded soy cheese, salsa and quacamole or sliced avocado.  No wait, my real fav is a steamy bowl of quinoa (cooked in veggie broth for intense and yummy flavor), topped with half an avocado (diced or sliced).  Well, coarse yellow grits cooked to a creamy consistency with an ample handful of soy cheese melted in with whole grain toast comes in close to first.

You can see I love food – and breakfast – and it doesn’t have to be dry and boxed, same-old, boring, instant, toaster strudel or Pop-Tart-ish ‘do I really have to’ kind of meal.  Rub the sleep out of your eyes and play around with combinations that work for you!

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