Unfriendly New Deals in Fast Food

Yours for only 1500+ calories and 97 grams of fat! All for just $5 at Friendly’s. What a bargain, right? 

It’s amazing that this almost doesn’t look unusual – we’ve become complacent in how we view food.  Bigger is better, fat is fabulous, filling is fantastic, fuller is even more …..barf, well, not so good but what’s full anymore?  With portions like this, how do we even know when to stop eating?

Denny’s offers a free Grand Slam breakfast once a year (see pic of how busy they are!). And now, they’re pleasuring us with all the fixin’s of a Grand Slam into a sandwich of potato bread grilled with a maple spice spread.  Yum!  Look for this deal called the Grand Slamwich.  It’s a steal at 1320 calories, 90 g fat and 42 g saturated fat – enough to clog your arteries for 3 days (provided you’re following a 7% saturated fat intake daily, based on 2000 calories).

I wonder about corporate social responsibility.  I wonder if the big food companies know anything about ethics and responsibility to provide healthy food options at a price many can afford.  I wonder what it would look like in the U.S. for these companies to embrace responsibility for the outcome of their offerings, for the impact their offerings have had on consumer’s health and well-being.  Hmmmmmm……….thoughts?

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