Tomato Tete`-a-tete´

While I adore – repeat adore – the summer season in New England, with the less-than-scorching temperatures and humidity of the South from whence I cometh, I ache for the organic tomatoes still warm from the sun’s rays I would pick right off the vine. Bursting with sunshiny goodness, my then 2-year old daughter would make her way there many lazy afternoons to snack on their juicy freshness.

In the Boston area, I wander from store to farmer’s market, almost zealot-like, in my search of a tomato that equals my memories. Imagine a sweet breeze in the air carrying scents of freshly baked bread wafting from a European-style local market in Cambridge (it takes me back in time to my youthful days in Germany). Formaggio Kitchen ( boasts, among its wares ample enough to make a simple picnic or gourmet meal, international cheeses, chocolate and wine. It’s where I found a vision of beauty in an heirloom tomato.

Freshly made mozzarella just around the corner from the produce section found its way sliced atop thick slabs of this heirloom, layered with tiny basil leaves from our CSA share this week ( and generously drizzled with hand-blended and flavored olive oil from the Temecula Olive Oil groves in San Diego, a personal must-have now that I found this shop on a recent business trip (you can place online orders for oils and vinegars at The union of taste temptations ends with a fine drizzle of Vanilla and Fig Balsamic Vinegar (also from Temecula).

Ah, this is a Tete`-a-tete´ of taste and remembrance.

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