5 Foods…Rx for Beauty

close-up of strawberries in a bowl

Beautiful skin starts from the inside out. Healthy skin is vibrant, elastic and glowing. To see the difference, check out those hanging around the smoking stick (a tall cigarette butt holder just outside the vestibule of buildings) and you’ll see ashen, sallow skin with lined puckers around the lips. Or fast food junkies looking lack-luster and dull.

To the rescue and as easy as the plate in front of you, are five foods known to benefit skin health. At the top of the list, strawberries. This time of year, I am blissed out with bowls of strawberries every morning. Vitamin C-rich foods, including red bell peppers, broccoli and oranges along with strawberries, keep skin moist and plump keeping wrinkles at bay, .

Interestingly, coffee tops the charts for prevention of nonmelanoma skin cancer (about 10% reduction) coming in at 1 cup a day with even higher protection the more you drink. Thank you Higher Power for yet another redeeming quality in my a.m. coffee! (A side note: coffee has been shown to reduce risk of diabetes.)

Edamame (soybeans), whether whole or in tofu and soymilk, prevents collagen breakdown so our skin stays wrinkle-free and firm. Salmon, rich in omega-3s, works toward reducing inflammation in the body and protects against free-radical damage. And tomatoes have been found to keep skin smooth and protect it from sunburn. Seems it’s the lycopene in tomatoes, corn, kale, spinach, and summer squash, as well as beta carotene in pumpkin, sweet potato, spinach and carrots that are protective.

A morning green smoothie straight from the farmer’s market could be a tasty entrance to radiant and luminous skin this summer!

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