Healthy, Wise and Younger Looking!

Our skin is the first thing most people notice about us – and good skin starts from the inside out. While it’s advertised that expensive creams and lotions, scrubs and exfoliations are the way to go, using harsh cleaners and soaps with hot water actually removes the natural oils that give us a healthy glow. We end up with dry, scaly, lackluster skin.

What goes inside your body has tremendous impact on your outer body – First, keep cigarette smoke out of your lungs. Whether you smoke or breathe in second-hand smoke, damage occurs to the collagen and elastin fibers that strengthen skin and give it elasticity.

Next, chose foods wisely for skin health and you’ll be vibrant through and through:

Stay hydrated with pure water – your skin can be a stronger barrier against external toxins

Eat healthy fats like omega-3’s (salmon, tuna and flaxseeds), avocados, walnuts and almonds, and vegetable oils (olive and canola) for stronger and more plump cell membranes. Try an avocado mask!

Add Vitamin A-rich foods like carrots, butternut squash, sweet potatoes which let skin repair itself

Plan on foods with B vitamins (yummy whole grains) to reduce inflammation

With these easy tips, you can put your best face forward!

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