On Facebook tonight, an Anusara-inspired yoga teacher friend posted, “Okay, people. You have five minutes to write, without stopping, on the concept/the word “SPILL.” Go! Here are my instant thoughts, no editing at all, that flowed the span of a couple of minutes:

Overflow of joy oozing out of each pore of the elastic skin covering your soul. As the spanda increases, the waves pulsate bigger and bigger until over the lower lids of of the eyes, the tears of joy flow down the cheeks until they splash into the pool of the heart. There they overflow into the abyss of the mind, stilling the thoughts that appear as rings of motion as a rock skips across the quiet country pond. Shhhh, be quiet – stillness overflows. Spilling peace, love and joy all over the place.

Calling all Clutter Bugs!
Healthy, Wise and Younger Looking!

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