When dieting, KISS

Old Way: Weigh and measure for exact proportions of carbs, protein and fat or your body won’t work. Calculate and count to the last calorie or you won’t lose weight – don’t go one over or under. Space out meals, preferably 5-6 small meals a day, to ensure metabolism burns high and blood sugar is level for smooth sailing through your day. Disregard your hunger – eat only at prescribed and scheduled times. Don’t eat beets or carrots or sweet potatoes or avocados. Minimize fat to the least amount you can tolerate. Sugar subs only, never sugar.

In Appetite, published online 9.12.09, researchers say complex diets with rules and calculations are set-ups for failure in weight management. Pick an uncomplicated plan so you know you can stick to it not only in the short term, but forever. Keep it simple, silly. Try this….

Eat when you’re truly hungry, stop when you’re full. 90% of the time, gravitate toward healthier options, like fruits and vegetables first (of any kind, high or low starch), then whole grains (like quinoa and brown rice), and lean protein (like fish, tofu, chicken, legumes), so that 10% of your intake can be low-fat dairy, discretionary calories (like natural sweets, sugar in coffee or tea), and alcohol if desired. Even better, move closer toward a plant-based diet – you’ll get all the nutrition you need while reducing fat and calories from animal protein.

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