Electronics – Argh!

[picappgallerysingle id=”5107365″]For months now, whenever I want to increase the volume on my TV, I have to get my blanket-clad body up out of my comfy chair and walk the few feet to the TV to manually adjust it. Finally, a trip to RCN for a new remote and I’m all set. Or so I thought. Programmed it according to the directions, nada. Now what?

Turns out, there’s a little hidden circle on the bottom of the TV that receives the signal from the remote to tell it to change the volume, turn off the TV and cable box at the same time, those sorts of things. I had discretely placed a beautiful Zen clock in front of the signal, thinking is a natural thing to do. That eliminated any careful conversation between the remote and the TV. Who knew?

Covering up the ability to receive important signals is what we do when we eat in the absence of hunger. Like when we’re bored, distracted by a movie, upset, or socializing. Our body is perfectly capable of letting us know when to start eating yet sometimes we override that clear and loud signal so we won’t feel the pain of hunger. Or we worry when we’ll have our next meal, conscious of not wanting to feel deprived. Or it just tastes so darn good. Or “I belong to the Clean Plate Club and it’s a sin to be wasteful.”

Whatever your reason, stop it! Stop for a moment when you’re about to eat, assess the level of hunger you are feeling. If you feel a little hungry, but could wait an hour to eat, wait. If your appetite is quite strong, you’re ready to eat, go for it. If you’re full, but still want to eat, eat. It’s OK to eat when you’re not hungry as long as you are aware that you are eating without hunger. With that awareness comes the knowledge that your body’s natural ability to tell you when to stop will not work because you didn’t start eating according to your body’s need.

Use a hunger / fullness graph as you continue to observe your patterns. Move that Zen clock and let the signals of hunger, being really ready to eat, and fullness, feeling comfortable and sated, begin. Ah, the beauty of TV watching now, in full control of my volume.

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