Bean There

Many are so bothered by the musical rendition of legume digestion that they avoid them at all costs. Others are just bothered by the lengthy prep – and others just don’t know what to do with the simple bean.

Here are a few answers to questions I get all the time……..

Canned or dried? That depends on the length of time you have to prepare your meal. Canned beans are ready to go and with a rinse or two, the added sodium is reduced. On the other hand, the taste and texture of dried beans can’t be beat.

How do I cook dried beans? To save time, soak beans in water overnight. If you have a bit more time, bring them to a rapid boil for 2 minutes, cover and let soak an hour. These methods cut cooking time significantly.

Beans make me so gassy! To cut the concert after dinner, drain the soaking water and cook beans in fresh water. Adding a piece of ginger to the cooking water helps too. I’ve been told that asafoetida, an Indian (although not native Indian) spice can reduce flatulence as well. Just add 1/4 t. to the pot of cooking beans.

Why beans anyway? Can’t I meet my nutrition needs without them?Sure you can. But why? Beans have loads of soluble fiber that keeps you full, lowers cholesterol, and keeps the GI system moving smoothly. Protein at a fraction of the cost of meat, low in fat, and multiple ways of preparing them, it just adds up in favor of luscious legumes.

Try them in:
Homemade hummus
Black bean chipotle chili
Spicy lentil soup
Succatash with baby lima beans
Black-eyed peas, corn and tomatos (saute)
Cannellini bean spread
Chickpeas tossed into a main dish salad
Tortilla soup (with pinto beans)

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