Receiving the Teachings

Waves of homesickness crashed over me the first night in the high cliffs of Jamaica. Surrounded by women gathered to hone their skills of yoga for recovery of disordered eating, I felt out of place. I missed and yearned for the spiritual connection of my Anusara kula.

It was late and lots of cranky pants personalities blended into the warm breeze dusting our skin. An unsettled feeling permeated the air as we had all just made our way through a bustling airport, hour and a half ride along a motion-sickness-inducing road and hungry, we found our way to delicious Jamaican fare before our orientation.

In meditation, we were asked to intend a question. At that moment, all I could think of was how in the world was I going to appreciate and receive the teachings this week? So, I made that my question…….we took our question into meditation. My answers were stiff and structured after the first of 4 meditations:

Reduce resistance by looking for the good.
Focus on the intention.
Open my heart and mind to receive.
Open to Grace.
Remember we are here to help each other.
See the Light within all.
Align with the magic of Shri.

As we progressed deeper into the inner folds, the structure began to be freer:

Open my eyes more clearly to celebrate the beauty of diversity.
With an open heart, receive the abundance of experience, wisdom and grace being offered to me.
To have so much love within me that I can handle all that happens with love and grace.

The vastness of the ocean enveloped me and I realized I was home wherever I was – there was no need for homesickness for I reside within the wild pulsations of ShivaShakti in the depths of my heart. Everyone there was my teacher – as I looked deep within them, I saw their intrinsic goodness, as well as my own.

We are all mirrors reflecting each other – enjoy the reflection, enjoy the teachings. Thanks to Grace.

No Problem – We’re in Jamaica Mon!
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