No Problem – We’re in Jamaica Mon!

One Love…..I still hear Bob Marley crooning the island’s theme song and every where I look, I see joy pulsating in Jamaican faces, the vast ocean and palm trees, and especially on the long, narrow, winding road from Montego Bay to Negril Beach. At a reggae concert, the energy of love rippled through the crowds as the ocean crashed into the cliffs just below us, spraying happy bodies with salty water. And, it was raining! Still, smiles and love everywhere.

What would it take to have that attitude in Boston? Or Detroit? Or San Francisco? Or Houston? Or upstate New York? Or Indianapolis?

A small group of dietitians, therapists and yoga teachers gathered in the wake of a large Anusara yoga retreat in beautiful Negril Escape and over the 7-day course of study, in the pulsation of Shakti, we forged a tight bond that I have no doubt will stand the passage of time. Each one of us, standing in our own individual and collective truths, will cast our own Light into the cities to which we returned, sharing the One Love we came to know in our sun-shiney Jamaican week.

Like Michael Franti sings, “when the stars are aligned, you can bump into a person in the middle of the road, look into their eyes and you suddenly know…”

Here’s to the alignment of Universal Consciousness. Yea Mon! We’re in Jamaica Mon!

Muffin Mania – or take 2 blueberry muffins and call me later
Receiving the Teachings

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