Do You Know Right-of-Way at a 4-way Stop?

One thing I know for sure is that no one in my neck of the woods knows the right-of-way rules for a 4-way stop – or they ALL know and just don’t mind the rule. For instance, it’s easy when cars arrive at the intersection at differing times. First come, first served. But when 3 cars arrive at the same time, not counting a California stop, the driver furthest to the right has the right-of-way. But……

No matter when I arrive at a 4-way intersection, even if I’m the first one to get there with the ‘right to go,’ all others blast out like a green flag just fell. Even funnier – when one car goes, the car right behind him floors it and goes with him! I was actually told by a Massachusetts resident that she truly thought that WAS the rule. “How else would you get a turn?,” she asked.

It’s fascinating to observe the pulsation of the 4-way stop souls. And even more fascinating to ponder it, or contemplate would be a more grown-up word. But I get lost in the crevices of the folds of my grey matter when I do this, so I think I need to just get back inside my own pulsation. It’s warm and safe in here.

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