Universal Theme

On Sunday, after a leisurely hour with a cuppa Jo and The Boston Globe, I pen my yoga theme for the week. Lingering at my computer, I venture forth into authorship with a thought that might have come to me earlier in the week, or like last Sunday, from reading Adam at Home in the funny papers. As I write, I first draw upon what I know, then what my teachers have taught me. Their teachings are imbedded into the hard drive of my computer like flashing lights of wisdom.

I’m continously captivated to realize that there is a Universal Theme. The Universe pulses herself into the moment in the same way for us all. This last week, in classes with three certified Anusara teachers, the threads of their theme were woven deftly into the same fabric as mine. From their loom, the elements of earth, water, fire, air and ether, like threads, integrated and fused boldly together to create a tapestry of rich and royal hue (to borrow from Carol King). The fire blazes brightly in eternal and internal flame, continuously burning as air gives herself to it. The water yields as it follows the banks that guide it without restriction, that serve it while affirming the beauty of life.

Then, to bring it all home, in a thank you email from Todd Norian today, I find a lovely poem written by a friend of Todd’s that ties the threads together once more.

Use Earth to support yourself wherever you stand.
Use Water to move in your own way and in your own time.
Use Fire to seek that which lights you up.
Use Air to breathe your dreams into reality.
Use Sky to feel safe in all that is unknown and unseen.

Deb Koffman (

The Universe has spoken.

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