Winter Walking

Winter walking on a sunny day, sigh… way you say. You’d rather huddle in a fleece blanket and fuzzy slippers, sip hot cocoa and watch a good movie. Rally my friend! A brisk saunter through your neighborhood or local park can boost metabolism, spirits and weight loss.

I found that the key to walking in winter is layers, layers, and more layers. Up to a point, though. When the door closes behind you, the cold breeze makes your eyes water, your fingertips feel numb, and you wonder, “What am I doing here?”
This year, I began walking for exercise and didn’t want Old Man Winter to stop me. So, with true grit and determination, I sought out baselayers online – bottoms and tops, and a very lightweight fleece vest and even lighter down jacket. 180s for the ears, heavy gloves, good walking shoes (now hiking boots because of snow-lined sidewalks). In 10 minutes, I feel the warm surge throughout that leads fingers to unzip the jacket. In another 5, I loosen your scarf, lower the zipper to the vest and after 30 minutes, the gloves come off! The longer you walk, the more layers you shed and you wonder why you put on so many clothes!

There’s nothing like winter sun and fun to invigorate you!

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