GERD is the word

That awful burning sensation in your chest could be acid reflux, called GERD in the medical world. Gastroesophageal reflux disease to be exact. What happens is the spincter in your stomach called the cardiac spincter, right at the end of the esophagus, relaxes and allows some of the stomach acid to flow back up into the esophagus, damaging the lining there. Goodness, why would your spincter relax? It’s not at a spa!

Certain foods can contribute to this condition. Like a heavy, large and oily meal packed full of full fat dairy products, butter, high fat meats, fried foods. Or beverages with caffeine, like coffee and tea, energy drinks, and soda. Your pre-dinner glass of wine, after-dinner dark chocolate, albeit healthy according to the Mediterranean diet approach, can wreak havoc on your GI system if you’re susceptable to this condition.

One way to relieve the symptoms is to avoid these foods – OK, avoid is a bit strong, I know, so start with reducing them and evaluate your symptoms. It could be a little is OK, more is bad.

Avoid lying down for a couple of hours after eating – if you must go to sleep, prop up on pillows. You can also eat smaller meals throughout the day, instead of 3 bigger meals, and sip fluids between, not with, meals.

Stress is also thought to be a culprit. Try slowing down, do some yoga or meditate, have quiet time, easy-listening music. Spend a few minutes each day just in being versus doing.

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