Eggscellent Choice!

Eggs are by far one of the best proteins a body could entertain. Easy, versatile and tasty, they create an array of ideas from entress to add-ons, side dishes and breakfast fare. If you care about the environment, you’re tendency is toward cage-free, natural or organic, right? Thought so……

But, did you know, cage-free might not mean what you and I envision in the sugar-plum fairyland spaces in our imaginations?

Natural Health, Oct 2009, brought to light definitions that can help you when picking out the most environmentally-friendly, yet healthy, egg.

Certified Organic means un-caged hens are allowed outdoors (read between the lines, it doesn’t say they are raised outdoors). The USDA inspects these farms once a year.

Certified Humane states un-caged hens may live indoors full-time but not have enough space to nest, flap their wings and perch. In other words, not being a hen. Yearly inspection by an independent certifier.

Free Range / Cage-Free – Same definition as Certified Humane with a twist. These hens usually have the room they need for nesting, flapping and perching! There is no oversight by a third-party certifier.

All-Natural has no specificiations and no regulations regarding inspections. This tag-line simply means there are no artificial or synthetic flavors, colors or ingredients. Steer clear!

Guess the best bet is Certified Organic AND Free Range variety. Eggscellent idea!

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