Gratitude and Abundance

I’m borrowing the deeply felt and poetic expressions of my friend, Joyce, owner of Earth Heart Yoga Studio ( to share thoughts of gratitude and abundance. Joyce Kendall thumbnail

This week of Thanksgiving and gratitude is a time we come together to join in lunges, laughter and light.

Yoga is a welcome reprieve from the day-to-day demands, responsibilities and limitations. It’s a time of a few gentle and not-so-gentle glimpses into the place beyond what we believe to be our limit.

Yoga is the palpable presence of the flow of grace in each and every moment.

A nice deep breath.

The millisecond of balance that makes us smile inside and out.

The undeniable inner warmth that we feel when we are a part of something life enhancing.

Close your eyes. Wherever you are, right now, try fully breathing in abundance and slowly breathing out gratitude, for five full breaths.

Create spaciousness and sensitivity inside so your appreciation for the blessings in your life can rise to the forefront of your awareness.

By infusing conscious gratitude in your life with this breathing practice, you’ll find more energy, serenity and joy.

This is Shri – the abundant, creative, expansive beauty that pulsates with the highest delight when your heart is filled with wonder and gratitude.

Shri is life enhancing. Shri is radiant light. Shri is the brightness in our eyes.

Invite her in, give Her a place of honor, and honor yourself for doing so.

Reconnect to the light of your own being, and from that light, live out into the world. That light that is the deep sweet saturation in the bath of our divine nature.

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