Someone Told Me Pasta is Bad

Spaghetti I couldn’t believe it. “Why,” I asked, “is pasta bad?”

It seems erroneous information has spread from the camp of high-fat, high-protein aficionados who said pasta was bad. Something about stimulating insulin production that causes release of ghrelin that tells us we’re hungry. So we eat. More and more and more. And store fat and more fat and more fat.

In truth, our body prefers carbohydrates as the preferred fuel source – carbohydates being fruits, vegetables, whole grains (yes, of course, sweets, donuts, cereals but I encourage you to limit these – a LOT). In the OmniHeart Diet, which is an enhancement of the super star DASH diet (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension), the results were a carb-enhanced diet (10% more carbs than the other two) improved blood lipids and reduced high blood pressure. Now, the 2 diets that emphasized (and increased) unsaturated fats and lean proteins (also by 10%) had additional benefits beyond these, like further reducing the estimated 10-year risk of heart disease. For meal plans, click

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