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I recently read that at around age 51, we go through natural menopause. Funny, I’m 51! Menopause is one year without a period. Peri- menopause is that time leading up to the end. Usually, in peri-menopause, symptoms have the greatest intensity. Like PMS, hot flashes or night sweats, insomnia, mood swings, fatigue, memory problems, muscle aches & pains, and changes in sexual response. These are those that get the most bitching! Graying Woman 2 Reducing these symptoms can be easy and doable with fabulous results!

Being called a crone (wise woman after menopause) isn’t exactly the most flattering of terms, but, it’s inevitable. The biggest prescriptions for a healthy journey into cronedom begins with good nutrition and lots of purposeful activity, including yoga (and meditation) for stress reduction and relaxation. Lay off the cigarettes, alcohol, caffeine and spicy foods (OK, I can give up ONE of these) and lose some weight. Layer your clothing so you can peel off as you get hotter.

Eliciting the relaxation response is key – non-judging awareness, having a mental focus like repeating a word or phrase (in yoga we call this a mantra), praying or visualization of a calming image, all while in a quiet environment are key elements for this task.

For more ideas on staying afloat during the puddles of night sweats, read Mind Over Menopause: The Complete Mind/Body Approach to Coping with Menopause by Leslee Kagan, Herbert Benson, and Bruce Kessel.

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