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From Jane Norton’s November Inspirations Newsletter: Wherever you are, right now, try fully breathing in abundance and slowly breathing out gratitude, for five full breaths. Create spaciousness and sensitivity inside so your appreciation for the blessings in your life can rise to the forefront of your awareness. By infusing conscious gratitude in your life with this breathing practice, you’ll find more energy, serenity and joy. This is Shri – the abundant, creative, expansive beauty that pulsates with the highest delight when your heart is filled with wonder and gratitude. Invite her in, give Her a place of honor, and honor yourself for doing so. Namaste.

My dear friend, Jane, is a real go-getter. She toured nationwide for a year with our teacher, John Friend, offering the highest quality, sustainably created yoga clothing and props to the Anusara community. Jane teaches Anusara-inspired yoga on Martha’s Vineyard, specializing in yoga therapy for mind and body. If you’re on the Vineyard, please visit her for a sensational yoga experience. Find her class schedule find her on her blog at You can sign up there to receive Inspirations each month.

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