Mind Over Meals – Indulge!

Indulge this year! As you contemplate your Thanksgiving Day menu, think about indulgence. What? Yes, ‘think.’ About indulgence.
close-up of a walnut pie
Think how delicious it is to take a bite of Southern-style dressing or low-fat macaroni and cheese, even roast turkey and traditional pumpkin and pecan pies. Even sumptuous Snickerdoodle cookies. Or decadent chocolate fudge brownies.

Then, consider committing to the usual hog-fest (most Thanksgiving Day meals – per person – rack up 3,500 calories) by engaging in mindful food preparation and mindful eating throughout the entire day. That means eating a decent morning meal to stave off the usual starvation as you sit down to enjoy the family meal. It means taking smaller portions of the foods you love the most (leave behind those that just simply aren’t worth the calories on your hips), then take smaller bites, chew slowly, put your fork down between bites to enjoy the conversation around you, and offer thanks for the nourishment. Savor, delight in, and totally enjoy your meal. Even down to the last graham cracker crumb from the caramel pumpkin pie.

You’ll actually eat less and be 100% more satisfied. And, you’ll be able to join the kids for a game of touch football in the back yard!

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Yogabyte from the Vineyard

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