Hug the Midline

Las VegasIn Anusara, hug the midline is one way to reference holding onto your joy.  Well, kinda.  

We live in a Universe of vibration.  When we hug the midline, that imaginary line that bifurcates the body into front/back and right/left – we are more in line with our center.  We can connect more to the Source of energy. Out of the midline, we lose connection.  Energy dissipates – we feel a slower vibration.  We feel tired. We react versus respond to Life.

We can’t choose not to have challenges but we can choose how we react.  Two people are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. One goes home, is the victim, lives a very limited and sad life. The other gives a motivational talk, like Randy Pausch, a college professor who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer that led to The Last Lecture.  Why the difference?  They were open to different levels of vibration.

An example – I was in Las Vegas Friday and Saturday and every time I had to go into the casino, which is many times because the front desk, coffee bar, rooms and doors to the outside were in the casino, I felt strong, intense energy that wasn’t exactly positive.  We pick up the vibration of others because we have become more sensitive through the practice of yoga.  We have greater vulnerability because of this sensitivity that leads us to have deeper feelings.  In truth, we hold more Shakti. 

We need to insulate ourselves more when feeling this intensity of vibration.  We need to thicken our wires, like they do in an old house with an electrical system that cannot hold up to the new electrical devices and technology we have now.  We need to insulate our Central Nervous System to hold the Shakti, the vibration. To compensate against all the energy I was feeling, I took a deep breath, and wroop……just like that, I had a sound-proof, plastic bubble around me. Ah……., I am way less grouchy now.

We have to protect our joy from being taken away without our knowing.  Hug on in……as one of our great Anusara teachers, Todd Norian, says, “Capture the rapture of the midline!”

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