Focusing Inward

It’s interesting how like energies send their vibrations and frequencies thru the air at the same time.  I read a lovely blog by my yoga teacher friend, Barrett (, on a public class in Copley Square in which she taught balancing and staying focused.

water_drop_medI began teaching a restorative class 3 weeks ago at Healthworks in Cambridge.  If you’ve been there, you understand what it feels like to be a goldfish.  Yoga is in a room with a glass wall facing the fitness room.  It’s not that we feel like we’re being stared at – it’s hearing trainers loudly prod their devotee and their disciple talking back; the sound of weights and other gadgets being tossed against the glass window as their user finishes with them, and just the blur of visual activity and stimulation out there.  Then, we meditate. 

A part of being quiet during yoga is being able to translate the ‘noise’ you hear to ‘sound.’  It’s less intimidating and intrusive to consider it sound, like white noise, that presents as an invitation to go even deeper into the quiet within.  The benefits of this practice in an invigorating environment is ability to stay focused amidst chaos. As Barrett said about a student learning to focus inward in yoga, “It was a good experience for her to ‘test’ out her concentration abilities outside of the bubble of the yoga studio.’

We can all go out and ‘test’ our ability to focus in this craziness called Life!

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