Falling Into the Pulsation of Autumn

Put your sweater on, take it off, then put it back on again.  Close the windows upon rising in the morning, then open them back again.  That’s the pulsation that takes us from summer to fall.  That sweet period of transition from hot and humid to dry and crisp.  From fresh butter and sugar corn, summer squash and zucchini to pumpkins, carrot soup, and apple pie.  Tree Reflection

Everything in Nature pulses – think of night ebbing away as daylight begins.  The pulse of the tides, changing seasons, the movement of our breath, our heart beating, the cycle of our thoughts and emotions.  Our mind is busy and spinning, then it’s quiet.  We consciously align our body and breath to the pulse of Nature. 

It’s in the space between the breath, our heart beats, and the quietness inside where we find peace.  That’s the place of timelessness, where sequence has no beginning and no end. Where the unfolding of everything as we know it exists.  Spanda – the pulsation of life, the throb of deep longing to know more, feel better about ourselves, enjoy our body, feel full and sated with all the gifts we’ve been given. 

We begin with the breath, just checking in with our body and mind.  Then move to the kitchen and scrape the carrots, fill the soup pot with broth, peel the sweet potato and measure out the cumin, coriander and red pepper.  We stir, in quiet, and watch supper simmer.  A piece or two of crusty bread that melts the ghee we spread on it – we sit, and eat, and enjoy the nourishment of fall.  That’s contentment.

Apples are Falling
Carrot Soup with North African Spices

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