Allergies Anyone? Try the Neti Pot and Breathe Freely Again

Yuk!  I hate water in my nose – hated it in 2nd grade when a bully held me under water far too long to be compatible with human life and when bobbing for apples at Halloween parties.  I just hate the burning sensation, and did I mention the fear of death by drowning? 

So why, for goodness sake, would I intentionally pour salty water in my nose?  Because it works – for allergies, sinus headaches, stopped-up ears, and to hurry along the common cold – or at least make breathing easier while it lingers. 

Yogis have used nasal irrigation for centuries, mostly to enhance breathing during meditation and breath work.  Back-in-the-day Moms also washed out their kids’ nostrils daily to prevent illness.  The purpose of nares is a) to filter out debris in the air and b) so your sinuses can drain effectively.  Washing your nostrils with a saline solution comparable to your own body’s level moisturizes nasal passages that are dried out from plane travel and offices with forced heat and air, as well as rinses away pollutants, dust, and other contaminants.  For a quick video demo of how to use a neti pot, click below.  The product used in the video is inexpensive – even cheaper, you can make your own salt water by mixing salt and warm water together until it tastes like your own tears (try starting with 1/4 t. salt to 8 oz water and change accordingly). 


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