Chrysalis – A Boy and a Butterfly

ChrysalisOne day a boy found the cocoon of a butterfly and a small opening appeared. He sat and watched it for a very long time as it struggled to force its way through a tiny opening. All of the sudden it stopped, appearing to have gotten as far as it could on its own and could go no further.

The boy decided to help the butterfly and with a pair of scissors, snipped away the last remaining bit of cocoon.  The butterfly emerged easily. When the butterfly emerged it had a swollen body and shriveled wings. The boy watched and waited for the butterfly to take flight but that did not happen. The butterfly spent the rest of its life crawling around with shriveled wings and a swollen body and he never did fly.

What the boy did not understand in his kindness and haste to help the butterfly was that the restricting cocoon and the butterfly’s struggle were all a part of the universal plan. The restriction of the cocoon and the butterfly’s struggle would give the butterfly strength so that when free, the butterfly could force the fluid from his body into his wings so that once free, he would be able to fly.

We all have the crysalis around us.  Sometimes struggles are what we need in our lives.  If Grace allowed us to go through our lives without any struggles, if She shattered our chrysalis, it would cripple us and we would never fly.

Like the butterfly, a deep longing arises inside us to push out against the pressures of life.  Against this stress, we become more open.  We have the capacity to draw in energy to equalize against the pressure.  We are drawn into the strength of the power of Grace. We are pulled more strongly into the brightness inside. 

 The crysalis is like a manifestation of Grace.  Without stress, we do not grow.  Offer a prayer to the spacious energy.

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