Variety – the Spice of a Diabetes Diet

Roman Fruit Ecuador

This beautiful open-air market in Ecuador (photo from a friend) reminds me of the kinds of foods we should eat to prevent diabetes.  And, for those with diabetes, as a method of achieving healthy blood sugar.  Avocado, peaches, star fruit, bananas, mango, plums and pineapple – what a fruit salad that would make! 

In recognizing that every physical body is different and responds to nutrition in a unique way, the American Dietetic Association now says, “the best mix of carbohydrate, fat and protein varies depending on an individual’s circumstances, caloric needs for weight control, and specific metabolic status” (meaning your cholesterol, blood pressure, etc.).  I’m pumped and can’t wait to let everyone know that even without diabetes, we should be striving for variety. 

Eating is PLEASUREABLE and should stay that way.  That said, pleasurable eating can be achieved with healthier foods – pleasure doesn’t just mean Ding-Dongs, Entenmann’s, and Cheesecake Factory carrot cake.  My tastebuds explode with delight when I take my first bite of Kale Salad (see August 2009 newsletter for recipe).  The explosion delights with tastes of salt, sour, sweet, pungent, bitter – and the fireworks don’t stop until I’ve licked the plate clean. 

To achieve a 5-star health status, consistently put veggies, whole grains, very lean meat (and in small portions) and fruit on your plate.  Think the DASH diet or the Mediterranean approach.  High color and volume and explosive taste is in style!

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